Xing Xing Yu

“Xingxingyu” – The Stars & Rain Education Institute for Autism

Stars & Rain Education Institute for Autism has been a signature project of the Rotary Club of Beijing and our involvement has earned the admiration of Rotarians beyond China’s borders.

Autism is a developmental disability that impairs sensory input causing problems in social behavior, communication and learning. It hinders establishment of personal relationships and interaction in community life. Most, but not all, individuals with autism have some degree of mental retardation. Autism has been found throughout the world in families of all racial and social backgrounds. It occurs in approximately 5-15 out of every 10,000 births. There are estimated to be at least 600,000 individuals with autism in China. There is no effective cure. Early diagnosis and intervention are vital to the future development of the child. Specialized services designed in an Individual Educational Program (IEP) including educational, residential, and employment services are needed.

Stars and Rain, founded in 1993 in Beijing on a parent’s initiative, is the first non-government, educational organization in China to serve children with autism and their families, opening at a time when support for this field in China was almost non-existent. Seeing that there was very little social assistance for these children and families, the founder Stars and Rain (a parent of a child with autism) and its staff have developed a most effective and useful Parent-Training model. Through this program, Stars and Rain has served over 3,000 families from all across China.

Stars & Rain helps:

  • Children with autism to receive a structured Individual Educational Program.
  • Parents to master the skills they need to improve their children’s daily life.
  • Society to become more aware of, recognize and accept people with disabilities.

It started with 14 families but now about 80 families come to Stars & Rain each term, with four terms per year. Currently, based on its present capacity to admit new pupils, there is a waiting list of more than 12 months for a family to join the Stars & Rain training program. Beyond the classroom, Stars & Rain has developed a strong outreach program, sending the families that have been helped back into their communities, and sending its teachers to conduct trainings in grass-roots locations, which has resulted in the formation of a strong nationwide mutual support network unseen merely a decade ago, with Stars & Rain and its Beijing institute as the hub.

Rotary Club of Beijing Involvement

The Rotary Club of Beijing has supported Stars & Rain in various ways for more than six years. We have provided funds for previous relocations of facilities, materials & training, mentoring on Stars & Rain’s development, and members have made service visits to the school. Most recently in the Spring of 2007 our club funded the reconstruction of a dangerously dilapidated section of the Stars & Rain building with approximately RMB 120,000.

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