Tibetan Schools

Tibetan Schools Project

In addition to supporting projects in and around our home base of Beijing, the Rotary Club of Beijing has funded a number of projects in more faraway corners of China – in Tibet.

In Lhasa, we have supported a school for blind children by helping build facilities where the blind learn to make yak cheese. The cheese can be sold to restaurants in Lhasa, creating jobs for the blind and supporting local yak farmers by giving them an additional outlet for their products.

In another project, the Rotary Club of Beijing has “wired up” an elementary and middle school in Rutok County, a remote corner of Western Tibet. We have equipped the school with computers, musical instruments, and a fuel generator, and enabled the school’s 360 students, aged 7 to 11, to engage in long-distance learning.

Because it takes seven days to get to Rutok from Lhasa, supplying the IT infrastructure required to get this school and its children online provides these children with a vital link to the outside world from an extremely remote location and immeasurably enriches their education.

In 2004 the Rotary Club of Beijing also donated funds to help an elementary school in remote Zhaxue, Mozhugongka County to upgrade basic facilities in the school dormitories.

We have also helped create a tent school for nomads in the predominantly-Tibetan populated province of Qinghai in western China.

Individual members of our club have actively supported other projects in the region including buildings restoration, rural clinics and cataract surgery for the blind in Tibet’s nomadic communities.

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