Sun Village

Another signature project of the Rotary Club of Beijing has been the Sun Children’s Village in Shunyi district in the rural suburbs of Beijing, which we have supported since 2000. The Children’s Village is home to about 110 children whose parents have been imprisoned or have received the death sentenced after being convicted of crimes. Without such care, these children could end up socially stigmatized outcasts, homeless, rootless and leading criminal lives.
The Children’s Village was founded as an NGO by a former senior policewoman and prison officer Ms. Zhang Shuqin, who recognized the need to protect and nurture such children.
Our Rotary contributions are aimed at sustaining a unique non-government institution that provides a safe haven and a parental environment for these children and teaches them skills that allow them eventually to become self-reliant, independent and law-abiding members of society.

The Rotary Club of Beijing has contributed substantial funds toward staff salaries, purchasing toys and sports equipment, supplying the village with winter coal, and organizing psychiatric counseling for children who need it. We have also provided experts to improve the center’s accounting capability.

We have helped to fund the installation of pre-fabricated houses that have enabled the children to live in more family-style group homes within the Children’s Village. Each insulated 110 square meter house provides 15 children with comfortable accommodation including electric lighting, heating and running water. Some of the boys, all in their teens, who lived in the “Rotary House” house after its construction, have since moved on to vocational schools, and some of them have already found jobs using the skills acquired there. Our club assisted with scholarships and in a few cases assisted them in securing a job.
We are in regular contact with most of them.

The Rotary Club of Beijing has also organized social events for the children including weekend skiing expeditions, swimming outings and games afternoons.

The Sun Children’s Village has also established smaller centers in Shaanxi and Henan Provinces. Recently, Beijing Rotarians have visited the new Sun Children’s Village in Henan Province. Going forward, the Club is exploring ways in which it can support this smaller home.

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