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24 March 2009 – submitted by Rtn. Regula

Matching Grants are humanitarian projects we carry out with overseas clubs. The Rotary Foundation approves these projects and ensures a 1:1 match for DDF (District Designated Funds) and a 0.5:1 match for cash contributions. Our club can have not more than five on-going projects.

At present we pursue the following matching grant projects:

MG # 63861 – Libraries in Rural Schools
International partners: Cupertino Club and Mountain View Club, D-5170, Vancouver Centennial, D5040
Contributions from international partners: US$ 23,900.00
Contribution from D-5170 (DDF): US$ 10,950.00
Our contribution: US$ 1,500.00
Total Funding: US$ 60,000.00

Donation of 42,000 books to 168 schools in western part of China as well as one satellite library established in Gansu Province with 1,000 books, bar code reader, digital camera and accessories. Essay contest held for 1300 students in 91 schools, topic: “My First Book”. Essays of top 100 contestants were published in Oriental News Magazine.
This grant was approved in August 2007 and will be closed by April this year. The project responsible in our club is Regula Hwang Ma. She visited some of the project sites in May 2008.

MG # 763054 – Improvement of medical facilities in Rima Village and Yushu County Hospital in Qinghai Province as well as improved access to clean water in Rima Village.

International partners: Club of Canandaigua, D-7120
Contribution from international partner: US$ 42,000.00
Contribution from D-7120 (DDF) US$ 3,000.00
Our contribution: US$ 2,000.00
Total Funding: US$ 72,000.00

After a community health needs assessment conducted in 2007, a good part of the project plan has been implemented. The Rima Village clinic has been established and a large quantity of medical supplies and medicine delivered. A four-wheel-drive ambulance was purchased and outfitted with oxygen and other medical equipment. It is needed for patients in need of specialized emergency treatment at the Yushu County Hospital. One well was dug near the village (boarding) school and the digging of a second one is planned near the clinic. Once the County Administration has installed a village-level solar power station, maternal and child health specialty medical equipment, presently already delivered and in storage, can be installed. Medical equipment for Yushu Hospital, including ultrasound, fetal monitor and infant incubator has been purchased and installed.
This project was approved in August 2007 and will probably be closed end of this year, depending on the lifting of travel restriction to the region. The project responsible in our club is Michael Furst, who visited the site in summer 2008.

MG # 762407 – Surgery and treatment for thirty children with congenital heart disease in Northern China

International partners: Cupertino Club, Mountain View Club, both clubs D-5170
Contribution from international partners: US$ 17,900.00
Contribution from D-5170 (DDF): US$ 500.00
Our contribution: US$ 20,000.00
Total Funding: US$ 57’850.00

The Rotary Club of Beijing has engaged in Gift of Life grants since 2002 (see separate description on Gift of Life). Under the present grant we have up to the present funded 27 heart operations for children of needy families in North China in 5 partner hospitals. They are the Hebei Children’s Hospital, the TEDA International Cardiovascular Hospital, the Shandong Jinan Children’s Hospital, the Harbin Children’s Hospital and the Zhengzhou No. 7 People’s Hospital (Henan Province). Cardiologists of the Anzhen Hospital in Beijing help us to screen the medical files of the children. We make checks on the income situation of all families involved through the Village Community Committees and in some cases also through, the Bureau of Civil Affairs and the local branch of the China Charity Federation.
This project was approved end of December 2007. The report to close the grant will be submitted latest in June this year.
The project responsible is Donald Schlueter.

MG 659301 – Donation of an ambulance as well as one container of medical equipment and supplies for a hospital in the Sichuan earthquake affected area, the Zhongjiang People’s Hospital

International Partners: Rotary Club of Denver, USA
Contribution from international partner: US$ 10,000.00
Total Funding: US$ 15,000.00

The international partner is in contact with the Zhongjiang Hospital and is trying to secure the import license for the goods. This project was approved in May 2006, originally aimed at providing medical supplies to the Langfang Orphanage near Tianjin, later changed into an earthquake recovery project. The completion of the project very much depends on the import procedures. No forecast re. closure can be made at present.
The project responsible is William Krueger

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