Maple Hotline

RCB is sponsoring Maple Counselling Hotline, and the project group members are: Priscilla Wong, Ulrike Ellmann, Helen Boyle, Bunrei Hirata.

Several project visits were conducted to review quarterly the operation budget vs. Actual expenses, development strategy, and possible synergy between Maple and RCB projects. She then showed a detailed quarterly budget review of the project.

Priscilla also covered the hardware update and public activity of the Maple Centre. Maple successfully got government charity fund from Beijing Social Welfare Development Office, on 2 projects. 17 projects were selected, from 44 approved applications, submitted by 57 charity organizations in China.

It was pretty amazing that 2 Maple projects got the charity fund. The projects are: Anti-family violence (Maple Hotline), and Single-parent parenting counselling, and support to community mental problem (Maple Psychology Counselling Centre). Maple Hotline is the project RCB is sponsoring right now.

They’ll use RCB sponsorship on their database, internet network coverage, online Q&A, equipments etc. Maple will use the government fund on Maple Community Service Centre at Shijiahutong. Priscilla introduced Maple’s training platform, future development and current difficulties. Though with both RCB sponsorship and Beijing Government grant, Maple’s finance still remains difficult. With over 3,000 calls per month, only 500 (max. 600) calls are received due to lacking of professional voluntary counselors and better equipments. Call center facilities are primitive, more capital investment to upgrade IT infrastructure needed.

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