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A Matching Grant Project # 77506.


Rotary Club of Beijing, China (RCB)


Rotary Club of Hilversum, the Netherland (RCH)


Mission Statement


As in every country in the world, there are children & families suffering from poverty, physical illness, natural disasters, political issues & policies, or other obstacles beyond their control made them unable to receive normal education. Luan Ping Ping Project is intended to provide assistance to extremely low income families’ children in rural China, so as they can receive proper education; grow their knowledge of the world and to make a different in their life.


Both RCB and RCH are glad to say:


“It is the Truth

It is fair to all concerned

It will build good will and better friendship

It is beneficial to all concerned”


Project Objective


The objective of Luan Ping Ping project is aimed to assist 20 – 50 extremely low income families in rural Luan Ping, Hebei Province in China; to assist their children’s education costs, room & board, books etc.


Project Background


In the past 20 years, China encountered tremendous economic growth, which created lot of opportunities both commercially and personally. However, not all Chinese people benefited from such a growth. Children from many remote areas are suffering even more from the economic impact.


Special attention on the common phenomenon on children’s education and social welfare:


- Extremely low income families did not benefit from the economic growth, instead they are suffering from high inflation rate by paying much more than they could afford on food, living, and most important on children free education.


- In rural area, the low income families or extremely low income families’ income range between RMB 800 – 1,500 per year.


- Low income / extremely low income families are mostly peasants, whose farming lands are acquired by government for commercial purpose or urban development. Peasant households are compensated poorly.


- Chinese government announced the new policy on 9 years compulsory education for children only since Sept 2006, before it was only 6 years education.


- So grade 10 or above students (age between 14 – 19) do not receive government subsidy, while the tuition fee, books, foods, dormitory, living cost are higher than they could afford.


- More children have to stay at their own villages with their grandys, when their parents have to move to bigger cities for work just for minimum income.


- Social welfares are not properly launched at villages, so as the medical facilities are usually at poor or very poor standard. Families suffer from medical disease, physical illness or accidents are neither protected by social welfare or government. That even cause extra financial burden to the already poverty standard. Children are the 1st one suffer from losing education due to lack of money.


Most of the members at RCH had been frequently travelling to China on business or personal purposes, they were well-aware on such an unbalance economic situation; and expressed good intention to assist these extremely low income families in rural China area.


The China Literacy Program is already a long-developed program between Rotary Club of Morgan City Louisiana USA (RCM) and Rotary Club of Beijing China (RCB). Understanding the good intention from Rotary Club of Hilversum (RCH), RCB is glad to help to develop a RCH/RCB matching grant project, to make a difference in life. The joint cooperation between RCH/RCB also marks a new page of international partnership between Rotary Clubs at different part of the world.



Luan Ping is one of the 35 counties within Hebei/Beijing/Tianjin “Golden Delta” area in Hebei Province. It is the gateway county of the Beijing/Tianjin/Liaoning/Inner Mongolia Highway. It locates 165 km from Beijing, 120 km from Capital International Airport, 31 km from Tianjin Port; and 65 km from the historical and cultural city, Chengde. Luan Ping has the area of 3213 sq. km, comprises of 22 towns and 225 villages, and a population of over 350,000. Most population at the villages are peasants and labor workers, with annual income of only RMB 800 – 2000 per annum.

Summary of Luan Ping No. 1 School


On 25 Sept 2011, Rotarian Dr. M. van der Adel and 11 Rotarians from Rotary Club of Hilversum (RCH) visited Luan Ping accompanied by Rotarian Priscilla Wong and members from Rotary Club of Beijing (RCB).


Both clubs decided on the 1st international project at Luan Ping No. 1 School (LP No. 1 School) was because Luan Ping located very close to Beijing –- 3 hours drive from Beijing town down. Although it is close to Beijing, capital city of China, it is identified as one of the poorest counties in Hebei province. LP No. 1 School is one of the only two schools at Luan Ping. It consists of over 3600 students serving both middle and high school.


Over 50% of students live at the school dormitory due to long distance travel and remote home location. The villages are widely spread out in various far locations from Luan Ping downtown, where the school is located. The distance between school and home is somewhat between 15 – 25 km. The common means to go to school are either by bicycles (only if they can afford one at home); or by mini-bus which only in service once a day.


Project due diligence


  1. 1. Students


12 RCH Rotarians met with twenty grade 10 students whom were identified by the School as “extremely low income family” under the school record. The 20 students shared with us their stories and unfortunate life experience. They have very limited exposure to western world. During the visit, we found the students are puzzled to life. Although the living standards are poor and tough, they shown the courage to overcome all difficulty and demonstrate strong resilience skill toward life.


They are very keen to learn on whatever unknown to them, such as western culture, charitable activities, and how they can help people, how they can make the world a better one. We were very pleased to introduce the Rotary world……. the Rotary mission, concept, goal and objective etc.


  1. 2. School Management


We met with the school management team and teachers of Luan Ping No. 1 School, namely:


Mr. Zhang Shao Ruo, headmaster

Mr. Cheng Guangfu, Teacher in charge of foreign affairs

Mr. Wang, Secretary General



This was the first time Luan Ping School interfacing directly with foreigners. The school teachers were excited to meet with Rotarians and learn about such charitable activities.


We saw the commitment from school as well as making extra efforts to help the needy students. As local government subsidies to low income families are not sufficient, the school also shown much appreciation to all kinds of sponsorship or support to let the children complete fundamental high school education. The School and Rotary Members have the consent to continue a long-term cooperation.

Local Government Support


RCB has close working relationships with the local government on China Literacy Project in Beijing since 2005. Madam Shan Gui Yan, who was the Deputy Mayor of Beizhuang Town, Miyun Beijing City, who helped a lot in student evaluation and assessment. She is our core contact to log-in with officers at schools, villages and towns in Hebei Province. She has been promoted as the Deputy Chair, of All Women’s Federation in Miyun County of Beijing.


Madam Shan confirms her continue support by initiating local government officers to conduct family visits, fact-finding, background check, student selection and evaluation, and most important, monitoring the money usage etc. They have been of great help to RCB in the past years. Their continue support to “Luan Ping No. 1 School Project” is highly appreciated.

Rotarian Dr. M. van den Adel (RCH), Rotarian Priscilla Wong (RCB) and Madam Shan Gui Yan (Deputy Chair of All Women’s Federation, Miyun, Beijing China

- 25 Sept 2011

Dr. M. van der Adel & RCH Rotarians handed-over €2,000 to Mr. Zhang Shao Ruo, Headmaster of Luan Ping No. 1 School

- 25 Sept 2011

Rotarian Edo Loenen from RCH, arrived Beijing and handed-over €2,000 to Priscilla Wong, Project Leader of RCB. President David van Meerendonk appreciated on RCH’s contribution & commitment to service project in China. He welcomes for a long-term partnership with RCH.

- 4 Sept 2012

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