HIV/AIDS Programs

Henan Province and southern Shanxi Province are two landlocked and relatively poor regions of central China where thousands of farmers were infected with AIDS after donating blood.
The problem had profound social consequences in this region, aggravating poverty or depriving children of their parents, who had died from the disease. A Chinese “AIDS orphan” phenomenon developed out of this situation, and help was needed.
In 2003 the Rotary Club of Beijing’s annual charity ball and dinner raised nearly 1.5 million RMB in support of the fight against AIDS in China.
This was the first AIDS benefit charity ball to be held in China. Having tactfully managed initial official apprehension about staging such an event focused upon such a sensitive topic, the Rotary Club of Beijing’s action helped to strengthen AIDS awareness in China, aroused positive media treatment of this disease and helped to nudge senior government officials towards treating the subject with far greater openness.
In co-operation with China’s Center for Disease Control (CDC) and a Chinese charity, the China Youth Development Foundation (CYDF), the Rotary Club of Beijing has helped many children in these provinces with funds to cover the cost of schooling.
The Rotary Club of Beijing continues to regard HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns and the alleviation of AIDS/HIV victims in both rural and urban communities as an area that it wishes to support.

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