Gubeikou Village Education Program

On 17 November 2007 a group of our Beijing Rotarians visited Dachengzi, Taishitun and Gubeikou, three rural townships nestled along the Great wall north of Beijing. This was the third year that our club has visited these communities where we are sponsoring more than 100 children of all ages to get through their education through financial stipends and book donations.

It was an emotional and eye-opening trip for us this time. We visited the homes of impoverished (some destitute) families in the area and spoke to grateful parents and grandparents who were proud to see their children going to school due to the charitable donations received. We were warmly welcomed by the mayoral offices of these communities, who have helped us to identify and bring our support to children who most need it. Our most valuable partner and ally in realizing this project has been the Deputy Mayor of Gubeikou Ms. Shan.

We were especially fortunate to meet 15 youngsters who have now begun college thanks to charitable support and to hear from each of them about their endeavours, from a young man who is studying medicine at the prestigious Beijing University to a young woman who is studying social work and hoping to help others the way that we have been helping these kids. We were also especially touched to meet Li Yanyan, a 19-year-old college student, and her adoptive grandparents. This elderly couple were already over 60 when they became parents for a second time. They saved Yanyan’s life when they found her abandoned in the street, just a few days old, and then raised her in their extremely humble farmhouse.

This project began for us in 2005 when our club and the Rotary Club of Morgan City in Louisiana, USA, launched a joint initiative to assist poor families in rural areas near the Great Wall of China to meet all or part of their annual family educational expenses.

The project is supporting families in villages around Gubeikou, some 130 km northeast of Beijing near the Simatai section of Great Wall. It is benefiting almost kids from poor or broken homes who have locational or financial difficulties that hinder the children’s education.

Our efforts have supported students in primary, middle and high school as well as several college students who we have fully funded, while many additional students have received partial contributions to fill a gap in their parents’ funding capability. And now we are seeing some of the kids who we are supporting pass the college entrance exams and obtain a university education.

With the support of local officials, we have selected pupils from impoverished families facing extreme hardship or family breakdowns and separations.

The project also includes funds for textbooks, including English dictionaries. It is our wish to grow this project to increase the number of students included in the program as well as later to extend it to other Chinese communities with similar needs.

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