China Literacy


2010 – 2011

Interim Program Report

Rotary : China Literacy Project

Miyun – Hebei Province China

Education Program

A Cooperative Project

Between USA Rotary Clubs coordinated by Morgan City Rotary

in partnership with the Beijing China Rotary Club

As in every country in the world,

there are children in China who are very bright but who for financial situations,

physical remoteness, or other obstacles beyond their control are unable to obtain a comprehensive education.

In the Spirit of International Peace and Goodwill this project endeavors to remove some

of those obstacles, and in doing so, to cut a path for others to follow and do likewise.

The Rotary China Literacy and Good Will Program is a cooperative endeavor

between a consortium of USA Rotary Clubs coordinated by the Rotary Club of Morgan City Louisiana, acting in concert in a partnership with The Rotary Club of Beijing China. It is the intent of this effort to provide assistance to extremely low income families in rural China meet all or part of their Annual Family Educational Expense, with hope that in the long term the children will grow in knowledge of the world, and learn to conduct their lives in such a way that in what they do

they can proudly say,

“It is the Truth,

It is fair to all concerned,

It will build good will and better friendships, and

It is beneficial to all concerned.”

MC Rotary Club Human Development Committee
Jim Firmin, Chair P O BOX 972
FAX 985/385-6457
December 31 2010
2010/2011 Rotary : China Literacy Program – Interim Report
The 2010/2011 Rotary : China Literacy Program, is a cooperative endeavor funded by the Rotary Club of Morgan City Louisiana, USA, The Rotary Club of Beijing China, individual Rotarians, and several other District 6200 Rotary Clubs that include the Morgan City Rotary Interact Club, and the Rotary Clubs of Franklin and New Iberia, Louisiana.
Program Objective: The objective of the 2010/2011 program is to assist over 150 extremely low income families in rural China meet part of the educational costs for their children. The program provides assistance for tuition, notebooks, and other costs that families whose children must leave the village to attend high school in a remote location must pay, and to assist with food expenses for a number of college students from lower income families of the region. The program also included plans to provide English and western literature teaching materials along with current event periodicals for the students and schools where such supplies are either nonexistent or scarce.
For the past 9 years Morgan City Louisiana Rotarians have assisted families in China with the education expenses of their children. Since 2005 the Rotary Club of Beijing has been part of the effort and the program has been operating as a cooperative Rotary program which previously provided assistance to families in the towns and rural villages of Gubeikou, Dachengzi, Taishitun, Bulaotun, and Bakeshiying China. In 2010 the program was modified and expanded to include more students from Hebei Province which is north of Gubeikou. Together these towns include well over 100 mountain villages some of which are extremely remote, with an estimated population far in excess of 100,000 people.
Families are selected to participate in the program by the local school and government officials with direct input of Deputy Mayor Shan and Education Director Li, both of whom have been working with the program since its beginning, and who now volunteer their time. In most cases the aid is to help with tuition or notebook expenses for children, most of whom are not eligible for state assistance. Many of those receiving assistance are the children of disabled parents or are those forced by extenuating circumstances to live with grandparents or extended family members.

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