Weekly Newsletter: January 18, 2019

January 21, 2019

This Week’s Highlights

Speaker: Tina Wang
Topic: What’s Missing in Multi-Cultural Business Communications in China 

Tina (Xiaorui) Wang has 15 years management experience in a wide range
of industries specialising in strategic marketing, multicultural
communications and team management.
Tina has a degree in law (China University of Political Science and
Law), a postgraduate degree in International Finance (China’s University
of International Business and Economics) and an MBA in International
Management (Royal Holloway University London).
Tina focussed on two perspectives for improving Western-Chinese
communications in a multi-cultural working environment. Effective
communication must be based on understanding traditional Chinese
cultural characteristics, quite different from the West, including:
humility, “face” (面子Mianzi) and connection (关系 Guanxi).
Tina addressed the key differences between Chinese from each decade
since the ‘reform and opening up’ and how these have reshaped Chinese
thinking and characteristics. There are 4 distinct groups… To read
Tina’s full article plese (click).

*Left: Rotarians and guests.
*Right: Rotarians toasting to Rotary.

News from the Board

is not the only, but a very important ingredient of Rotarian life.
Members attend weekly luncheons because they enjoy the friendship of
fellow Rotarians and the camaraderie. We have started to meet in the
evening once a month, usually on the last Tuesday, in order to give
those who are busy during the day a chance to join. Evening meetings are
also open to partners, friends and, of course, prospective members, who
are interested in sharing the spirit of Rotary. If you have a special
dinner venue in mind which you deem suitable for evening meetings please
let me know. Your suggestions of exciting speakers who would add to the
joy of meetings will be more than welcomed by Viktor, chair of our
club’s speakers committee.

President Martin

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