Weekly Newsletter: December 14, 2018

December 15, 2018

This Week’s Highlights

Tuesday Speaker: Ms. Susanne Matz

Ms. Susanne Matz started her presentation by introducing Peasantography.
Family Portrait by Tami Xiang. This project addresses the situation of
the “Left Behind Children” (henceforth LBC) in China. These children are
raised by their grandparents or great grandparents whilst their own
parents work in cities sometimes thousands of kilometers away from them.
Art can have unique and different ways of expressing and interpreting
social issues. It can give a voice to those social issues which may be

Susanne also showed a video about Sun Village, a NGO dedicated to the
children of Chinese convicts and fights for their survival and
development. Susanne was deeply touched by the goodwill and meaningful
works Sun Village is doing for the children. Sun Village is still in
great need of help and support.

*President Martin giving a club banner to Ms. Susanne Matz.

News from the Board

Board of the Rotary Club of Beijing meets once a month to review the
status of club activities and to discuss current matters in each field
of service. In our latest meeting I suggested to look beyond our
immediate agenda and to get together for a half day retreat in the first
quarter of 2019 during which all members should reflect on the future
identity of the club, taking into account trends in the composition of
the expatriate community, changes of the legal environment and the
development of Rotary in China. A date and venue will be announced
shortly. I hope that at the end of this exercise, a clearer picture will
evolve as to where we would like to see our club in the medium term.

In the meantime, the Board wishes you and your families happy holidays and all the best for 2019!

President Martin

*Rotarians toasting to Rotary.

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