Weekly Newsletter: October 26, 2018

November 13, 2018

This Week’s Highlights

Speaker: Richard Zi, Rotary China Special Representative 2018-19

Topic: Be The Inspiration

Richard started his presentation by explaining Rotarians are a group of
volunteers and Rotary is one of the largest volunteer service
organizations in the world. Richard also explained that Rotary China’s
legalization plan would be processed according to the Foreign NGO Law
effective in January 2017.

There are currently 23 Rotary clubs, 10 Rotaract clubs and 19 Interact
clubs in China. Rotary worldwide has 5 un-districted areas, China is one
of them. All District Governors are elected by members in the district
except in those five un-districted areas such as China and are called
“Special Representative” and it is appointed by Rotary International
until when the status changes one day. AG (Assistant Governor) and
District Committee Chairs are part of the district team, and are
appointed by the District Governor or Special Rep.

main problem we are facing today is how to attract new members.
Suggested solutions are to strengthen clubs to increase membership and
to encourage Rotaractors to become Rotarians when they reach 30 years of
age. We can also encourage Rotaractors to start new Rotary clubs.
Beijing East is one such example. Flexible regulations will also help
clubs grow. Speaking about Community Service, clubs are encouraged to
start or get involved in district service projects, and start or
participate in Global Grants.

district produces a Governor Bi-Monthly newsletter so all clubs and
Rotarians could keep up with the district work. Logo and design support
are provided to all clubs. District website, social media and WeChat are
all under preparation.

the end of the speech, SR Richard encouraged Rotarians to sign up for
the RI Convention on June 1-5, 2019. It will be the 110th Rotary
International Convention, a great opportunity to meet with Rotarians
from all over the world.

*Above: Rotarians listening to SR Richard’s speech.

Monthly Dinner
Our monthly club dinner will be held on Tuesday, October 30th. Starting
from 7pm. We will go to Kempinski’s brand new restaurant “Signature’s”.
The restaurant offers a four course dinner with free flow of soft drinks
and wine (2 hours) for CNY 380 per person. Please bring your partners
and friends and sign up with Celine.

*Left: October borned Rotarians cutting the birthday cake.
*Right: Banner exchange with RC Le Havre Oceane

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