Weekly Newsletter: November 9, 2018

November 13, 2018

This Week’s Highlights

Tuesday Speaker: Dr. Eveline Goodman

Topic: The Challenge of Change

the change you want to see in the world. Rise to meet the challenge.
Every challenge is just an opportunity in disguise. Change and grow.
We’ve all heard these maxims but how can we really learn to embrace
challenges in our lives? What happens in our brains when we are faced
with tricky situations? What role does our psychology play in how we
approach problems and deal with conflict?

Dr. Eveline Goodman is here to explain the magical effect that combining
IQ & EQ – left and right cognitive minds – will have on your
executive life. She delved into the differences between a fixed vs.
growth mindset, and using the latest findings from psychology and
neuroscience, she demonstrated how a holistic approach can give you the
tools to conquer any challenge. Participants gained game-changing
insights, and a greater understanding of the potential we can reach if
we invest equally in IQ & EQ.

The Rotary Club of Beijing welcomed acclaimed speaker Dr. Eveline
Goodman (PhD Psychology & Neuroscience) to present her unique
findings at our lunch meeting. Eveline has been successfully supporting
international clients for over then years, with a focus on neuroscience
for leadership ability. She applies her expertise in the fields of HR
& Psychology in her enlightening seminars – taking an integrated
approach that incorporates the latest findings in neuroscience and
neuroplasticity research to inspire you to find new pathways to success.
Thank you Dr. Goodman for the insightful presentation.

News from the Board
This column will be a regular feature of the newsletter of the
Beijing Rotary Club. Given the frequent absence of many members from
regular meetings due to conflicting obligations, it will try to give a
summary of club activities and enable members and friends to stay in
touch and get involved.

Service projects are at the core of Rotary activities. Besides the
Hypospadias Project, for which we have received a Global Grant from
Rotary International thanks to the efforts of PP Piper and IPP Russell,
we are working on several projects in support of migrant children. The
board is approaching foundations with which the club has been working in
the past in order to put existing funds to use. For details, please
contact Service Chair Helen and Treasurer Bruno.

This year, we will again participate in the German Christmas Bazaar
on Saturday, 1 December at the German Embassy. Foundation Chair Till has
secured a sponsorship from Nestlé for a coffee booth. Membership Chair
Daniel R. is still looking for volunteers to help.

Youth Services Chair Christoph is busy engaging with the two
Rotaract Clubs sponsored by our club. The Career Days, which provide
insights into professions and advice on how to enter them, are very
popular among Rotaractors. A special meeting will take place next week
with Rotaract Presidents and Secretaries to set out a plan for closer

President Elect Jonathan has taken it upon himself to coordinate the
preparations for next year’s Red Lantern Ball, our club’s signature
event. Send him a note if you would like to join the organising

We have resumed the tradition of fireside chats hosted by members
for a small group of fellow Rotarians, typically a mixture of long
standing and new members. The aim is to establish a closer bond among
members in the spirit of Rotary. Those interested in hosting a fireside
chat, please contact Secretary Martin S. Equally, our monthly dinners
for Rotarians, their partners and friends have proven to be a welcome
addition to the club’s calendar.

Last but not least, I encourage you to attend the club’s meetings.
They cannot be replaced by a WeChat messages, e-mails or newsletters!

Yours in Rotary,
President Martin

Upcoming Speaker
Jürgen Kracht, Chairman Fiducia Management Consultants, will be a
speaker at our lunch meeting on Tue, Nov 20. A veteran of trade and
investment in China and an Investment Promotion Ambassador for the Hong
Kong government, he will talk about the business implications of the
Greater Bay Area.

Call for Nominations of the Club Officers and Board Members for the Rotary Year 2019-20
In accordance with the Bylaws of the Rotary Club of Beijing, members of the Rotary Club of Beijing are all invited to nominate candidates for club directors and officers for the next Rotary Year (July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020). The following positions are to be filled:

  • Club Secretary
  • Board Director and Treasurer
  • Board Director and Chair of Membership Committee
  • Board Director and Chair of Service Project Committee
  • Board Director and Chair of Foundation Committee
  • Board Director and Chair of Youth Services Committee
  • Board Director and President Elect (President for 2020-21)

note that Jonathan Schoo, currently President Elect, will be President
for the Year 2019-2020. President Martin Glatz will automatically be a
member of the next Board as Immediate Past President.

Please, submit your nominations until Tuesday, November 27 in writing to admin@rotaryclub-beijing.org.

Nominations will be voted on at the club’s Annual Meeting, which will be held on Tuesday, December 4, 2018, 12:30-14:00, Kempinski Hotel.

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