Weekly Newsletter: September 7, 2018

September 17, 2018

This Week’s Highlights

Speaker: Arron Grow, PhD

Topic: Rock Star Leadership!

*Above: Rotarians enjoying the luncheon.

Dr. Arron Grow is keynote speaker, author and trainer. He holds a Ph.D.
in Leadership and has worked domestically and overseas for small,
medium, and large organizations in various industries and in higher
education. Dr. Grow researches, speaks, and writes about the connection
between leadership, workplace environments, and team productivity.

Inspired by rock stars, Dr. Grow explained the three imperatives of
magnificent management: Competence, Communication and Care. With
Competence a manager will gain respect from the employees. With good
Communication, a manager can build trust. With Care a manager will
receive loyalty from the employees, and a strong willingness to do more
for the organization.

Dinner on the Last Tuesday of Every Month
On Tuesday, September 25, IPP. Russell will host a the monthly dinner
meeting at his home. Everyone is invited to bring his/her partner,
friend or spouse. Foundation Chair Till will host the dinner in October.
President Martin G will be in November.

Fireside Chats
In the August meeting, the board has decided to re-open the Fireside
Chats. Please contact Club Secretary Martin S. if you wish to host or
join a Fireside Chat.

*Above: Rotarians and guests talking.

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