Weekly Newsletter: August 31, 2018

August 31, 2018

This Week’s Highlights

*Above: Rotarians enjoying the luncheon.

Dinner on the last Tuesday of every week
On Tuesday, September 25, IPP. Russell will host a dinner at his home. Everyone is invited to bring partner, friend or spouse.

Foundation Chair Till will host the dinner in October. President Martin G will be in November.

Fireside Chat
In the August meeting, the board has decided to re-open the Fireside
Chat in order to .Please contact Club Secretary Martin S. if you wish to
host or join a Fireside Chat.

British Ball 2018
Saturday 20th October, Kerry Hotel Beijing
Time: 6:30 pm to 4:00 am
Theme: The Knight’s Tale
IPP. Russell has put by two tables for fellow Rotarians. The price is
RMB 1,350 per ticket as early bird special. Please contact Celine
or Russell if you wish to participate.

*Above: Club Secretary Martin S. and P. Martin G making an announcement.


*Left: Austrian Rotaract Valerie and Rotarian Gilbert.
*Right: Guest Anne, PE Jonathan and Rtn Robert.

To download this week’s photos please (click).

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