Weekly Newsletter: July 6, 2018

July 14, 2018

This Week’s Highlights

Speaker: Mr. Stefan Bernhart, German Embassy

Topic: Sino-German Economic Relationship

On July 3, Stefan Bernhart gave a speech about Sino- German Economic
Relationship. Stefan was posted to the German Embassy in Beijing in
October 2016.  As Economic and Industry Counsellor, he is responsible
for industry relations with a focus on the automotive industry.  He
previously worked for Daimler AG in several leadership positions. Stefan
Bernhart holds a M.A. in Economics, Intercultural Communication and

Stefan gave a comprehensive and multidimensional overview about
German-Chinese Economic Relationship and how they have developed over
the last couple of years. Referring to the recently published business
confidence study (BCS) he mentioned that is now also time for other
countries to learn from China, as 61 % of the respondents think that
China is more innovate in certain areas as European companies.

Many Rotarians agreed that it was one of the best speeches they have
listed to regarding to Sino-German Economic Relationship as all major
aspects have been covered.

*Above: Rotarians from Germany.


*Left: AG Piper and Daniel A forwarding the new theme banner to PE Jonathan
*Right: Rotarian Gilbert talking with German Rotarians.

Rotary Exchange / Fellowship in Dalian
Dear Rotarians,

As the 2018-19 Rotary year commences, we would like to announce an
exciting Rotary Exchange/Sharing/Fellowship event in Dalian on Sept 1.
This highly interactive sharing/fellowship event is designed to bring
together senior and fresh Rotarians to share ideas and experience to
face together and problem solve issues facing clubs here in China, such
as member recruitment, efficient club operations, financing humanitarian
projects through grants, building a knowledgeable board and how to put
Rotary spirit into practice. Discussions and Q/A sessions and fellowship
activities are designed to help members to build stronger clubs from
within. We believe this first ever event in China will motivate
Rotarians in the year ahead to Be the inspiration!

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