Weekly Newsletter: July 13, 2018

July 14, 2018

This Week’s Highlights

Speaker: Dr. Paul Rochon

Topic: Sleep and Efficiency

On July 10, Dr. Paul Rochon spoke about how to manage your sleep. We all
have common knowledge about sleep and we compare our own experience
with this “normality”, but what if I tell you that you can manage it
easily to fit your real needs. We are different in terms of sleep
patterns and knowing how to calculate your own rhythm is a key to
efficiency. Together, we learned how to understand our biological rhythm
for a better psychological control.

*Above: Dr. Rochon answering questions.

Rotary Exchange / Fellowship in Dalian
Dear Rotarians,

As the 2018-19 Rotary year commences, we would like to announce an
exciting Rotary Exchange/Sharing/Fellowship event in Dalian on Sept 1.
This highly interactive sharing/fellowship event is designed to bring
together senior and fresh Rotarians to share ideas and experience to
face together and problem solve issues facing clubs here in China, such
as member recruitment, efficient club operations, financing humanitarian
projects through grants, building a knowledgeable board and how to put
Rotary spirit into practice. Discussions and Q/A sessions and fellowship
activities are designed to help members to build stronger clubs from
within. We believe this first ever event in China will motivate
Rotarians in the year ahead to Be the inspiration!

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