Weekly Newsletter: March 23, 2018

March 24, 2018

This Week’s Highlights

Speaker: Ms. Xiaojie Qin
Topic: CandleX — Mental Health in China

This week’s speaker, Ms Qin Xiaojie, introduced us to depression and bipolar disorder, and to how her organisation, CandleX, provides psychosocial support for Beijing’s international community on depression and bipolar disorder.

After founding CandleX in 2015, Xiaojie started working on several areas: she set up the “mental health peer support group” for people with bipolar, depression, and anxiety where members can share their experiences and learn from each other. In 2015, she made a mini-documentary on depression called “The Tiny Little Box” to initiate conversations about depression in Beijing. It documents four people experiencing depression and two practitioners contributing to their recovery (see the trailer at: https://v.qq.com/x/page/d0320jc8kvb.html?). And she initiated the Moodlab campaign (2016-2018) for people in Beijing who live with bipolar disorder – which might be more than one would tend to think: “In a way, we are all bipolar. It’s part of being human”, says Xiaojie.

Among the data Xiaojie presented to the Rotary Club of Beijing this past Tuesday was the unexpected number of 7% of the general population that are experiencing a major episode of depression at any given moment. But the good news is that depression can be treated with appropriate anti-depressants and psycho-therapy, and that everyone’s actions as a family member, a friend, or a colleague towards people with depression can be very influential to their recovering.

The numerous questions asked by Rotarians during and after the presentation reflected a strong interest in these sensitive areas. Xiaojie and CandleX have more information for those who would like to learn (https://www.candlex.cn/), and appreciate any support our club and our members might be able to provide them with.


*Left: P. Russell and Rtn Daniel W welcoming the guests.
*Right: Rotarians toasting to Rotary International.

Next Week’s Speaker
On Tuesday, March 27th, Ms. Kiyono, founder of Delideluxe and Claret will talk about her experience in opening restaurant and catering and about healthy food.

To download photos from this week’s lunch please (click).

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