Weekly Newsletter: January 19, 2018

January 24, 2018

This Week’s Highlights

Speaker: Rotarian Daniel Wecke
Topic: How to Taste Beer


Rotarian Daniel Wecke is the Chief Business Development Officer, and a shareholder, of Premium Brewery Project Development & Beer Distribution, a brewery with 120 employees in Hebei that was established in March 2015 after three years of developing and EUR 30 million of investments. It produces premium brands that are well-known in Beijing and other parts of northern China: König Ludwig, Jing-A, Boxing Cat, and SlowBoat.

Thanks to Daniel’s generosity, this was one of the least theoretical presentations held at the Rotary Club of Beijing in recent times, as he made sure that everyone got to enjoy a König Ludwig wheat beer for the very German main course (pork knuckles, sausages, mashed potatoes, and sauerkraut), as well as a bottle of his brewery’s IPA for a tasting during his presentation.

Daniel recommended to not only rate a beer according to whether you like it or not. But rather to drink beer as you would wine, to learn more about the differences in taste that different beers have. One tool for the adopting of such an approach is the “beer flavor wheel” which helps you by categorizing different taste factors, such as sweetness, bitterness, sour, drinking experience and many others. As not every kind of hops (from which beers get their bitterness and their flavor) and malt (sweetness, color) go together well, the challenge is to make beer that allows consumers to enjoy a rounded taste.

Daniel’s talk included a lively Q&A part, and while some Rotarians started debating important issues such as whether beer consumed directly from the bottle could taste like anything at all, others gave it a try and enjoyed the tasting.


*Left: AG Mike announcing the District Conference on March 10th.
*Right: Rotarians and guests enjoying the fellowship

New Year Dinner on January 23
Lunch on January 23rd has been switched to a dinner meeting with Rotaract.
Dinner at Morel’s Restaurant (北京莫劳龙玺西餐厅Gongti Bei Lu)

Starting from 7pm, RMB 195/p, vegetarian available, dinner buffet and free flow of drinks till 9pm. (for Fapiao add 5%).

Please make your reservation with Celine NOW!

To download photos from this week’s luncheon please (click).


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