Weekly Newsletter: November 10, 2017

November 20, 2017

This Week’s Highlights

Speaker: Rotarian Tony Boyle,  Semi-Retired Offshore Installation Manager


As an introduction to Tony’s speech, Russell made it known that Tony had started life as a member of the Inland Revenue. However, Tony was able to draw attention away from this fact by speaking, not so much about the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry, but how it has evolved since he first started on a rig in the North Sea some 44 years ago.

By using a backdrop from a 1970’s video showing one of the manually demanding drilling operations, Tony pointed out that automation has taken over a great deal since then. However, his talk was not about the equipment as such, but the type of people you would be involved with during your time offshore. They came from a host of backgrounds but initially, a great number of Americans came over to the North Sea as the oilfield was a new industry which required the expertise of those from the Southern States of America. Though their backgrounds were from farming and ranching (with the most basic schooling), these ‘good old Southern boys’ were second to none in the field of drilling wells. Moving on from his early days, Tony worked internationally and noticed that during or after his contracts in specific countries, there would be a regime change. This he maintained was purely coincidental.

He expressed a great admiration for the professionalism of the Egyptians, Croatians and Indonesians whom he found experienced and blessed with both a good sense of humor and attitude. One of the few pleasures on a rig is the food, and he made reference to the Tom Yum soup in the Gulf of Thailand that his rig enjoyed. VIPs from the oil companies would find a reason to visit the rig if they knew the chef was making this celebrated bowl! Proof that creature comforts come first. All in all, Tony was able to convey some of the more colorful times offshore to the guests and fellow Rotarians at the meeting.


*Left: PP Regula receiving her PHF Major Donor Award from PP. Piper.
*Right: AG. Mike with Peter and Yin in an old pub “Cole Hole” in London.

Rotary Rotaract Evening
The Rotary Rotaract joint social evening will be on Monday, November 20th. Lunch on November 21st is cancelled. There will be a nice buffet plus free flow of local beer and soft drinks (7 to 9 pm). Coffee, tea, other drinks and extra. Please SIGN UP with Celine now!!!

Date: Monday, November 20th starting at 7pm
Place: Morel’s Restaurant on Gongti Bei Lu near Chunxiu Lu
Price: RMB 195 — for a fapiao add 5%
Buffet Menu: (click)                Drink List: (click)

Tuesday Speaker: Jens Hamester
Mr. Jens Hamester held various roles at Mercedes Benz Trucks. He worked with Daimler for more than 30 years, started in Aftersales and then in Pre-Sales for a couple of years, before he assumed the overall project management of Actros MP II in 1998 – 2003. From 2004, Mr. Hamester headed up the advanced engineering of Daimler and from 2006 Entire Vehicle Development Division of Mercedes Benz Trucks. Within that he is also responsible for R&D in Brazil and Turkey, and for the new Atego Product Line project. Before he switched to China, Mr. Hamester was Chief Engineer of Mercedes-Benz Trucks Chassis Engineering. Currently Mr. Hamester is the R&D VP of BFDA (Beijing Foton Daimler Automotive Ltd.).

On Tuesday, November 14th, Rotarian Jens Hamester will give a talk about The Rotary Foundation.

To download photos of this week’s meeting, please (click).

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