Weekly Newsletter: September 22, 2017

September 28, 2017

This Week’s Highlights

Speaker: Viktor Arak
Topic: Success Stories of Interim Management in China

Our speaker Viktor began his presentation by pointing out the challenges of doing business in China, especially as a foreign company. Beside the obvious language barriers, there is also a fast-changing business environment and opaque distribution and supply chains that can very hard to understand. Viktor has experienced many of these challenges in his role as a management consultant and interim manager of various Chinese companies.

One of his clients was a producer of copper tubes for industrial use, which suffered huge annual losses, was not able to get financing and had just had a bad experience with a corrupt managing director. It turned out that the main issue seemed to lie in the technology of casting the tubes which resulted in a bad grain structure. However, none of the engineers at the factory or at the Finnish headquarters seemed to be able to solve this problem. Viktor therefore studied the technology himself and asked a headhunter to find an expert. Together, they were able to solve the problem, increase the yield to 92 percent and turn the RMB 100 million loss into an RMB 10 million profit within one year.

The solution to problems like these can often be to bring new skills and contact networks to the team that are uncontaminated by internal politics, and to apply fresh ideas to old problems. In other words, common sense can be more important than the number of years in the industry. Focusing on real problems, like a doctor (touching, looking, diagnosing) instead of like a typical management consultant working from the book, might be helpful to actually overcome challenges in business.

*Above: Rotarians and guests listening to the speech.


Automobile Museum Trip on September 26th
Plan: Automobile museum in Huairou, followed by dinner at Kempinski Sunrise
Time:2:00 pm gathering at Kempinski
2:30 pm departure to the museum.
The transportation to Huairou will be kindly sponsored by Rotarian Jens.


*Left: IPP Daniel R exchanging club banners with visiting Rotarian.
*Right: Rotarians and guests enjoying the fellowship.


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