Weekly Newsletter: September 15, 2017

September 15, 2017

This Week’s Highlights

Speaker: Sven Hundhausen
Topic: Connected Mobility

In this week’s presentation our speaker, Rtn Sven, provided us with insight on OEMs vs. Digitals in the automotive industry. He described an industry in a transformative stage, new competitors with a different attitude, a different culture and very different opportunities. OEMs typically have three times the number of employees but only one sixth of the EBIT per employee compared to digital corporations.

However, the main challenge to traditional players does not seem to be the amounts of investment or the technological efforts necessary to stay in the game. What needs to change is a cultural aspect: EVA (economic value added) and ROI (return on investment) are essential in the OEMs’ investment planning. Traditionally, they like to see returns on particular projects within three to five years, whereas digital companies think very differently – e. g., it took google 22 years to make a profit.

With these and lots of other fascinating facts, Sven delivered his first and last speech at our club before moving back to Germany later this year – his last speech for now, as he is already thinking about coming back to China one day.

*Above: Speaker Committee Chair Jonathan introducing the speaker Rtn Sven.

Automobile Museum Trip on September 26th
Plan: Automobile museum in Huairou, followed by dinner at Kempinski Sunrise
Time:2:00 pm gathering at Kempinski
2:30 pm departure to the museum.
The transportation to Huairou will be kindly sponsored by Rotarian Jens. .

Next Week’s Speaker
Our speaker for next Tuesday will be Mr. Viktor Arak, Managing Director at Dalion Partners, a consulting firm. His topic will be “Success Stories of Interim Management in China”.


*Left: PE. Martin and PP. Daniel A
*Right: Rotarians and guests toasting to Rotary.

To download photos of this week’s meeting, please (click).

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