Weekly Newsletter: April 28, 2017

April 28, 2017

This Week’s Highlights

Speaker: Mr. Kirk Barlow, Founder of Swon Ltd.
Topic: Reconstructing the creation and distribution of food organically

Kirk Barlow 柯百路is the Founder of Sown Ltd. 播众, an agricultural enterprise that began in 2013 and built on the vision of creating direct links between Farmers and Eaters. Sown provides farm management and sales support for organic farms, while also building farms in urban areas to increase the public’s exposure to agriculture. These direct links have proliferated into co-hosting international agriculture conferences in China (6th International CSA Conference), and preparing to send 100 organic farmers from China to the Organic World Congress in New Delhi, India in November 2017. Beginning in early 2016, Sown began developing direct connections between farmers in Canada with buyers in China.

Kirk grew up on his family farm in Prince Edward Island, Canada, where raising animals, growing vegetables organically and sharing the harvest with neighbours was commonplace. He began work in China where he did not expect the same life but began work as a consultant for agriculture firms while at KPMG. It was at KPMG where he realized first hand the development challenges facing the food system as a whole, including quality, environmental destruction, and mistrust between producers and buyers. Kirk has been in China since 2009.


*Left: Rotarians at the reception.
*Right: P. Daniel welcoming the guests.

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