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Invitation letter to vendors – 2013

Invitation letter for Sponsorship and Raffle Prizes – 2013

2013 Bazaar Vendors Application

2013 Bazaar Floor Plan with Pricing

This is one of the two big yearly fund-raising projects of OUR CLUB so you participation is much needed!

Please support NOW with the preparations of the Charity-Bazaar in the following ways. With the upcoming mid-autumn holidays and October holidays, we have less working days so there is great urgency for immediate action.

1) Vendors: Help us to sell tables! We ask each Rotarian to help refer at least 2 vendors.
attached you can find the Letter to vendors, Vendor application form and Bazaar Floor Plan:
• tell your friend to come to sell something
• when you go shopping, ask the vendors if they are interested
-> get their name cards,
-> pass them to Martha Hwang < >

2) Raffle: Solicit Prizes for our Raffle! We are in need of a few major prizes like airline tickets or electronic good.
attached you can find the Invitation letter for sponsorship and :
• When you go shopping, ask the vendors
• When you go dining ask the restaurants
• When you go for a drink, ask the bar
• when you go for a massage ask the SPA
• + your ideas…
-> Any further questions, please ask: Fanny <>
-> Collection of prizes is done by Benno’s Office and at Kempinski during every Tuesdays’s Club meetings. Since we don’t have any garage sales this year, you are also welcome to donate new unopened gifts.

3) Sponsors: Help us to find sponsors that want to advertise at our Bazaar!
• Ask for a donation in cash or kinds (Raffle prizes)
• Ask for advertising in the “Door Gift Promotion”
See the Invitation Letter for Sponsorship & Raffle Prizes for donation amount and benefits.

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